Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup


One of the most common statements I hear from brides is that they've heard of airbrush makeup but aren't sure what it is, or why they would choose it over traditional makeup.

Firstly let me explain what the two methods of application really are...


What is Airbrush Makeup?

There's a lot of marketing and hype about airbrush makeup but it's simply foundation applied via an airbrush 'gun' which is powered by an air compressor. The application process involves spraying the face with a light mist of foundation. The main difference with airbrush makeup is that no brushes or sponges are used to apply your foundation. Once applied, the foundation sets quickly which doesn't allow much room for error. The rest of your makeup (eyes, lips and cheeks) is applied with brushes just like traditional makeup.


What is Traditional Makeup?

Traditional makeup is the method of applying foundation with a brush and/or sponge. It's the method makeup artists have been using before airbrush makeup was invented. It's a tried and tested method that allows greater flexibility, customisation and varied finishes in application creating a more natural effect. It's the most versatile method because you can reapply and blend to get the perfect result.

Airbrush Makeup Traditional Makeup

How to choose which method is right for you.

Start by finding a makeup artist whose work you love! The quality of work is only as good as the skill of the artist, regardless of the tools or methods used. When you start your search for a makeup artist whose work you love, you eliminate the guess work of deciding which method of application is right for you. If you love a makeup artist's photos, then their style and application method obviously appeals to you!

The end result should be the most important thing, don't you agree? If you're not convinced, perhaps have two trials using both methods and see which you prefer.

Choosing a makeup artist based on the tool they use to apply makeup would be like asking a photographer what camera they use. I don't know about you, but I know absolutely zero about professional photography! But what I do know is if I love the photographer's work, and it's obvious they know what they're doing by their beautiful photos, it doesn't matter what camera they use to get those great results. The same applies to makeup, what one makeup artist chooses to use in their makeup kit differs to the next. There is no right or wrong, but just what works for them in creating something unique for you on your wedding day.

Although I've used airbrush makeup in the past, I personally find traditional methods work best for me and my brides.

The foundation I choose to use is used by Hollywood celebrities and makeup artists on long shoot days and in film and television. It holds up well in high heat, humidity and is waterproof. These are all the same things airbrush makeup claims to do! What more can you ask from a foundation?


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- Tasleema