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Having worked in the makeup industry for over 20 years it takes a lot for a product to “wow” me!

LipSense was created in 1999 but somehow I’ve only just heard about it. Personally I’ve never liked wearing lipstick - I’m a lip balm/gloss kind of girl. I've never believed a lipstick can all day last no matter what the package says, until I tried LipSense.

I tried LipSense for the first time recently and loved it. Loved the very first colour I tried, the finish and staying power – none of which ever happens when I try lipstick! I applied it at 9am, ate lunch and dinner and it was still on! It was then that I realised LipSense was the ultimate solution for weddings and low maintenance, time poor women like myself!

Like me, you may notice the slightly dated packaging of LipSense. However, the performance of LipSense far outweighs the look of the packaging – remember don’t judge a book by it’s cover, it’s what’s inside that counts ;)


The Benefits of LipSense

  • is cruelty free and vegan

  • has a huge range of colours and finishes from modern to classic

  • is customisable from matte to glossy

  • won’t dry your lips

  • is long lasting from 4-18 hours

  • is smudge proof, waterproof, kiss proof, completely budge proof!

  • is wax and lead free


How to purchase LipSense

For first time purchasers of LipSense it’s recommended you start with the 3 Piece Lip Collection which includes everything you need to use and love LipSense! The Collection comes with your choice of lip colour, a gloss (glossy, tinted gloss, glitter or matte gloss) and an Oops Remover. Using LipSense without the gloss or remover won’t give you the staying power, your lips will feel sticky and you’ll not be able to remove it or correct mistakes - so purchasing the Collection is key.

3 Piece LipSense Collection - $74 (your choice of colour, gloss and an Oops Remover)

2 Piece LipSense and Gloss Set - $60 Glosses (choice of clear, tinted, matte or glitter) - $26 Oops Remover - $14


One tube of LipSense is equivalent to 4 tubes of regular lipstick – less touch-ups means LipSense is far better value in the long run!


LipSense comes in over 70 shades so there’s bound to be a colour for everyone! There are beautiful soft natural shades right through to bright vivid ones. Even the brightest of reds will stay put no matter what you do to your lips!

You can purchase your LipSense from me before or on your wedding day.  For those of you who are reading this who aren't getting married or haven't booked me for your wedding makeup, I can post your order to you, or you can pick up from me on the Sunshine Coast.

LipSense Pricing

Why purchase LipSense for your wedding day?

I recommend purchasing LipSense for your wedding day to ensure you have a touch-up lip colour with you. With the huge work-out you’ll be giving your lipstick on your wedding day (12+ hours of kissing, talking, eating and drinking) you may find the waterline area of your LipSense could fade, especially if you’re a new user of the product.

With repeated use LipSense will last longer than it did when you first started using it as your lips become better conditioned to hold on to the colour for longer. A quick swipe of the LipSense colour and gloss is all it takes to fix your lips for another 4-18 hours. The gloss sets the lip colour, keeps the colour on longer, hydrates and conditions your lips – another key item to have with you on the wedding day.  The LipSense remover will be required to remove the product in the evening.

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- Tasleema