Makeup Booking Request

Thank you for choosing to book your makeup with me! Please complete the following information so that I may send you a booking contract and invoice so you can confirm your booking.

Please note: if it’s been some time since our last email exchange, please contact me before completing the form to ensure your date is still available.


Please complete the form below

Bride's Name / Client Name *
Bride's Name / Client Name
If at Wedding's at Tiffany's - please advise whether this is to be a wedding venue package inclusion booking
Bridesmaid, Mum, etc.
If this is a wedding, typically your finish time for makeup would be 1.5 hours before the ceremony. An end time needs to be specified in order to confirm your booking.
e.g. Jane - Bridesmaid
Do any of these conditions apply to anyone having makeup done - port wine stains, alopecia, scars, vitiligo, ingredient allergies, etc. Please indicate the names for whom any of these apply to.
Please view the LipSense Lip Colour Info Brochure for more info (see bottom of page). Pre ordering 3 months in advance is required when specific colours are requested. Having a lip colour is ideal to ensure you're able to maintain your makeup throughout the day.
Inglot/Gorgeous Cosmetics branded powder $49 - perfect for touchups to maintain your look.
Trial appointments are available Tues-Fri due to wedding commitments on weekends. Advance booking is required – I recommend doing your trial 3 months before the wedding. A deposit of $50 is payable when booking in your appointment.
If so, which style from my Menu (at bottom of page) interests you? Appointments available Tues-Fri. These are not temporary fake lashes but an optional add-on service done pre-wedding. Bookings are limited and advance booking is required. A booking fee/deposit is required when booking your appointment. To avoid potential allergic reactions for such an important event, extensions can only be applied when a “‘patch test’ is done at your trial or at least 72 hours before the full set is applied. Alternatively we can apply your extensions 1 week in advance of the wedding to allow for recovery if a reaction occurs. The cost for a patch test is $25 and must also be booked in advance
Australian brides only. Please advise your skin type: Normal/Oily, Normal/Dry or Dry